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Bitcoin: Appsterdam Chicago’s alternative way to pay and play.


Teach for Appsterdam Chicago, get paid in Bitcoin.

Written by: Randy Ellis

I don’t think of Bitcoin as a future-proof currency that will stand the test of time and replace our existing monetary circulation. But lets look at Bitcoin as a FORWARD thinking currency. From the days of using tally sticks to record debts, the Chinese with rock coins and today’s fiat paper currency. 97% of today’s currency is circulated to and from banking institutions digitally without ever physically touch hands. My question: “What took us so long?” Continue reading

Build N’ Brew Social: A Smash!


Appsterdam Chicago’s first ever Build N’ Brew Social was a smash for all the attendees who came. ¡AY CHIWOWA! offered a great area for a more engaging networking and collaboration experience. Great food and a even greater staff!

Thanks to the RockIt Management team i.e. Scott, Joe, Theo for making this whole thing possible!

See everyone next month!

CoFoundersLab <3 Appsterdam Chicago!


As we increase our public awareness for being the best place in the world to be an app maker, we also have to recognize great partnerships with other organizations in our local tech/business community. With that in mind, Appsterdam has launched an essential growth network with CoFoundersLab–a premier resource for matchmaking entrepreneurs.

Continue reading

LexTech goes Guru


Appsterdam Chicago has recently received sponsorship from LexTech (, a leader in the enterprise mobile app industry. Our first journey involves several hands-on courses for the public called Guru Sessions. Continue reading

Spreading like a wildfire…


It started like many things do, an idea, a dream, a hope. Then things spread, the box is opened and the ideas fly free. And so begins the story and beginnings of Appsterdam Chicago. It all began in 2011 at the Appsterdam Mobile Party during “ICE Amsterdam” where the name Appsterdam stuck like glue. Since then “Embassies” locations where app developers and innovators alike have established bases of sorts to proliferate the ideals of the app industry, from Greece to San Francisco, Manila and Chicago, Appsterdammers as hey are now called are getting together where the proverbial rubber hits the road. August 2012 Randy Ellis had a vision and teamed up with Appsterdam to begin work on establishing the Chicago Embassy, Which brings us to this site and the rest is yet to be written.

Appsterdam Chicago is looking for people who have ideas, who have experience, those who have ideas and experience. Anyone with any interest in any area of the app industry. Marketing, graphic design, useability, legal, coding, if you can do it then Appsterdam Chicago is the place for you.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help make Appsterdam Chicago great. If you are interested in knowing more or would like to volunteer please check out the links below:

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