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The official Embassy Facebook page for Appsterdam Chicago. The best place in the world to be an app maker. Our goal is to bring app makers together, and our mission is to support their interests worldwide. We established Amsterdam as the capital of Appsterdam – the world capital of apps – to establish a centre of gravity for our industry, to provide a place where all app makers can gather, and to create a framework for people to give back and support the community. Stichting Appsterdam is a non-profit meta-organization that provides common ground for all App Makers, regardless of platform, occupation, or business model, in Amsterdam and beyond. An App Maker is a person or organization who contributes to the creation of apps, be they engineers, designers, businessmen, lawyers, or marketeers. An app is a piece of software that transforms its hardware to provide a complete productized experience. Appsterdam is the world’s most advanced infrastructure for App Makers, by App Makers. Our goal is to bring App Makers together, and our mission is to support the interests of App Makers worldwide. We have built Appsterdam, the world capital of apps, to establish a center of gravity to our industry, and to provide a place in the world where all App Makers can gather. The intent is to build a structured ecosystem of cooperating App Makers with Amsterdam as its center. We help App Makers understand and practice community values, such as craftsmanship, quality, diversity, cooperation, and professionalism.

The Appsterdam Chicago Ambassador: Randy Ellis


Randy is a over 13 year design veteran hailing from Chicago. His design experience has placed him with corporations such as ChannelOne, Red Bull North America, Inc. and more. His early works focused mainly on branding identity for small-medium businesses. During a internship, Randy turned his focus towards user interface/user experience design. Where his design ingenuity have been used in corporate native apps for iPhone, iPad, and SaaS environments. Randy initially began creating his own organization what would blur the lines of software development and create individuals who would be ‘App Citizens’ regardless of their background. His research found Appsterdam and soon afterwards he would be the coordinator for the best place in the world to be an app maker – Chicago style.

Randy is currently pursuing his first startup called LocalLux a subscription shopping service. When he’s not in front of a giant light bulb pouring long hours into his ventures, you can find him Reading, Jogging and in search of the perfect tweet.

Embarrassing weakness: Gummy Candy

Honorable Strength: Loyalty/Resourcefulness

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