Featured Appsterdammer of June 2013: Henry Boldizsar

This month is a special month for Chicago’s Appsterdam group. As we continue to advanced forward and make our organization presence a driving force in the Chicago tech community we want to step back and acknowledge the folks behind the scenes.

Every month we will spotlight a member making an impact in our chapter and give them the chance to talk about their lives. This being our first featured spotlight of 2013 we wanted this one to be significant and stand out.

There are countless times in a person’s life where they have been inspired and driven to push themselves to the limits of doing greats things. Some succeed to be great business titans, others record-setting BASE Jumpers. Appsterdam as a global organization has blurred the lines and advocated cross-platform involvement across program languages. Appsterdam also supports the advancement of education and support young adults who want to become a developer/entrepreneur. That’s where this 15 year old designer/developer comes to mind. His name is Henry Boldizsar and he is Appsterdam Chicago’s youngest member.



Q: What’s your name?

A: Henry Boldizsar

Q: How old are you Henry?

A: I’m 15

Q: Where are you from? That’s a interesting name what’s the origin?

A: I’m from Highland Park. My last name is hungarian.

Q: Who’s your favorite superhero?

A: My favorite super hero is Spiderman!

Q: Who’s your favorite superhero?

A: My favorite super hero is Spiderman!

Q: Do you have a smartphone? If so, what kind?

A: Yes, the HTC One. I just got the phone a month ago.

Q: What’s your favorite app?

A: My favorite mobile app is facebook. My favorite desktop app is colloquy (an IRC client). Getting feedback and helping others on the #design and #startups IRC channels is invaluable.

Q: What is your skill set i.e. designer, programmer, both?

A: I’m a designer.

Q: How do you design, what’s your work process?

A: Here’s my process: Sketches on a whiteboard or paper > Looks around dribbble > Makes a lousy first iteration of the design in sketch.app > Gets feedback and fine tunes the design.

Q: Quick! Mac vs. Windows, who wins? and why?

A: Mac. Some applications I use while designing are mac only- such as sketch.app and codekit. They generally last a longer than most PCs and have good build quality too.

Q: What projects are you working on?

A: I’m working on an app called confessions.fm. Confessions.fm is a network of pages where people post and react to anonymous confessions.

Q: Any advice to the readers?

A: Try harder and think for yourself.

Thanks Henry!

Be sure to reach out to Henry via Dribbble and Facebook and let him know he rocks!

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