Build N’ Brew Social: Transit Update

Wells Street Bridge

Appsterdammers –

As most of us may know. The reconstruction on the Wells Street Bridge by the CTA neared completion on May 7th this may or may not still effect folks travel while en route to the Build N’ Brew Social on May 9th. If you are south-bound on the ‘L’ trains such as Brown, Purple, Red lines your trip should be fine. However, all north-bound/east-bound attendees please be aware that CTA may still have re-directs during your commute. Here’s a link to CTA’s official website detailing any alerts, changes and how-tos during your travel.

CTA Link


My last trip on the Brown line was 2 weeks ago and I encountered a the Clark/Lake redirect to a bus line that delivered me to the Chicago Ave train stop where I continued north-bound via the ‘L’. That was my last experience with the Wells Street Bridge. CTA official Twitter page says major construction has begun wrapping up but please be aware of any changes that may unexpectedly occur with or around your regular bus/train line. This message is a courtesy for those who might not use CTA often but If CTA is back to normal operation, please disregard my message and see you on May 9th!

Also, we’ve also had Appsterdammers sign up for Gather: our real-time alert service for Appsterdam events. If you haven’t done so, now’s a great time act so you can get the jump on things during the event! Register

Lastly, what would this post be if we didn’t feature Transit apps to help you along the way?

Welcome to Appsterdam (Chicago Style).

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