CoFoundersLab <3 Appsterdam Chicago!


As we increase our public awareness for being the best place in the world to be an app maker, we also have to recognize great partnerships with other organizations in our local tech/business community. With that in mind, Appsterdam has launched an essential growth network with CoFoundersLab–a premier resource for matchmaking entrepreneurs.

Both our local embassy leaders will work in tandem to host engaging and insightful events across the city and provide resources to help members of both firms to create a solid foundation to assist small businesses along the path to start-up success. Build your tech skills with Appsterdam Guru Sessions and grow your A-Team with CoFoundersLab–an awesome combo!


Hey Appsterdam Chicago community!

Looking for a co-founder? You’re in luck! Check out CoFoundersLab, a startup dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you find the right co-founder. Whether you’re looking to join a startup, seeking someone else to join your venture, or open to either, CoFoundersLab can help.

Create a FREE Basic entrepreneur profile, or opt for a paid Pro Membership profile for greater visibility and access to even more exclusive tools and features to help you find that perfect co-founder. You can even conduct an advanced search to find other members of Appsterdam Chicago who are looking for a co-founder. Make sure to add ‘Appsterdam Chicago’ on your profile so others can do the same and find you!

Become a Appsterdam Chicago member by clicking ‘Become A Member’ button on the home page. Fill out the form and the discount code will be emailed to you immediately! Limited time offer!

Find a co-founder on CoFoundersLab

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